Are you looking to extend your sales on Amazon? Then think about Amazon SEO strategy. Amazon is a highly competitive e-commerce platform. And many retailers wish to promote their products there.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon Search Engine Optimization (Amazon SEO) is a way to increase your product listing ranking by optimizing content, keywords and product listing pages in order to get the highest position of the Amazon search results.

Why it is important?

Just like on Google, buyers on Amazon enter a keyword to search out what they are looking for and just like on Google, users mainly click on the first few results and rarely click on a product on the second, third or any further page. If you’re selling on Amazon, this implies that the rankings on Amazon are the most important success factors for your business: The higher you rank, the more you sell!

Amazon SEO = Optimizing Product Listings = Higher Rankings = More Visibility = More Sales

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Techno Infonet offer below services which may help you to increase your sales.

  • Amazon SEO Services

  • Amazon Product-Listing Services

  • Amazon Storefront Services

  • Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) Services

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1. What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon Search Engine Optimization (Amazon SEO) is a way to increase your product listing ranking by optimizing content, keywords and product listing pages in order to get the top position of the Amazon search results.

2. What kinds of Amazon SEO services do you offer?

We do offer Amazon product listing service, Amazon Storefront Design, Amazon SEO – Enhance Brand Content and Amazon PPC services

3. How Does the Amazon Ranking Algorithm (A9) Work?

Amazon A9 is the product search algorithm that Amazon uses to rank products in the Amazon search results. For each and every query, Amazon A9 decides which product will get listed on number #1, number #2, etc. by measuring their ranking factors and provides the relevant output to the users/buyers.

4. How to Optimize Keywords for Amazon SEO?

Amazon has reduced the length of the Search Terms attribute to less than 250 bytes.

Thie Search Terms limit applies to newly-registered as well as existing ASIN products.

You can follow these guideline while optimizing keywords:

  • Don't exceed the limit
  • Try to add synonyms. (shirt, jersey, chemise, t-shirt)
  • Keep spelling variations, but do not add misspellings. Use all lower case letters.
  • You don’t need to add punctuation, such as: ";", ":", "-".
  • Separate each word with spaces. Do not use commas or other special characters
  • Do not repeat any word within the Search Terms field.
  • Do not add or promote your brand or other brand names in the Search Term field.
  • Do not need to add product ASINs or SKUs in the Search Term field.
  • Do not use any stop words such as “a,” “an,” “and,” “by,” “for,” “of,” “the,” “with,” and so on.
  • Use only singular or plural, no need to repeat both.
  • No need to add temporary statements such as “new,”, "Free", “on sale now.”, "100%", "Satisfaction Guarantee", "warranty" etc.
  • Do not use subjective claims, such as “best,” "top," "biggest," "largest," "leading" “cheapest,” “amazing,” and so on. Do not add abusive or offensive search terms.

5. How to increase the ranking in Amazon SEO?

It is not just a simple process, it required proper keyword research and competitor analysis while optimizing products.

Here, I have lumped a few ranking factors

1. Your highest selling product should be in FBA category.

2. Use high volume relevant search terms along with a brand name: properly optimize title, search terms, bullet points and description.

3. Increase your 5-star verified purchase review. Reviews one of the major ranking factor indirect way.

4. Use attractive high-resolution pixel perfect images in the white background. Which attracts the buyer and help them to understand your product.

6. What is FBA (Fulfiled by Amazon)?

Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, through which Amazon is wholly and solely responsible to store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and pack, pick, ship and provide to customers. For this service, Amazon does charge based on the product.

In FBA whole responsibility of Amazon from product packaging to delivery.

7. What is FBM (Fulfiled by Merchant)?

FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) is when sellers are wholly and solely responsible for handling and shipping the entire process. In this process, the seller does not pay any shipping, inventory and service fee to Amazon.

8. How Amazon product review helpful in product sells & orders?

The product reviews and rating on Amazon is just not limited to, users /buyer feedback it is believed to be one of the ranking factors in Amazon SEO.

People love to buy those products only that has the most positive reviews. Buyer’s feedback and their reviews really matter direct or indirect way.

To increase review I will suggest you to start making an honest and fair, verified purchase review. You may ask your friends and family members to buy your product and to leave a five-star review on behalf of product purchase. This is the best way to build trust on the Amazon seller central.

9. What is EBC(Enhanced Brand content)?

EBC(Enhanced Brand content) is a part of a seller center tool being introduced by Amazon to improve conversation for private label products. Enhanced Brand content allows brand owners to update product features, descriptions with visually rich content. It also facilitates the seller to add enhanced images and text placements.

10. How to optimize storefront in Amazon?

You need to follow some important steps while optimizing your storefront page.

  • Link your highest selling product in the Amazon Storefront.
  • Add necessary product information along with profitable search terms.
  • Add a proper section for different product pages with setting up the navigation menu.
  • Use high-quality images.

11. How to win a buybox?

The buy box is a section display right side on the product detail page. Through that customers can add a product to their cart. On Amazon each seller has it's own product detail pages, while you searching for a particular product, which includes a similar product of other sellers too.

"If you lose your buybox in that situation you can not display your sponsored products ads".

In short Buy box eligible product can eligible to show “Add to Cart” & “Buy Now” button always leads to purchase from the buy box seller.

Ways to win buybox
  • Start fulfilled by Amazon method.
  • Sell your product at a competitive price.
  • Increase your buyer's satisfaction ration.
  • Keep increasing your verified purchase review.
  • Fully optimize your product along with put all required information in the product field.
  • Keep your product inventory up to date.
  • Speed up your shipping time

12. What is Amazon best seller rank (BSR)? How to improve it?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a rank given to Amazon products based on the sells of products and it's orders compared to other products in the same category within a given amount of time.

Amazon's best seller rank is calculated based on the product orders and sells. BSR also considers the current sales & orders of the product and it's historical data too.

If you are getting #1 position for the particular product that means you have sold a good amount of products & increase the order rate as compared to other products in the same category in a given amount of time.

Basically, BSR depends on current order and sells. For Example, in the first week, your product ranked on #1 position due to the highest amount of products sold that is more than your competitor's product. Now, in a second week, your competitor received more orders & sells compared to yours and other side you haven't received any orders or sells in that situation your competitor's BSR will be improved.

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